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What We Can Do

We can help you with any computer technology. It could be a desktop or laptop computer, a scanner or digital camera, or a printer or backup drive. Whether you have specific problems, want to accomplish a task, or just learn to use your computer more productively, TekHelp is here to assist you.

Software Solutions

TekHelp Associates can help you with common software solutions, including word-processing (MS Word, Lotus, etc.); spreadsheets (MS Excel, Lotus 123, etc.); databases (dBase, Access, FoxBASE, Filemaker, etc.), personal information managers (MS Outlook, etc). Do you need to set up backup software? Install drivers for a printer? Set up your E-mail account? Whatever it is we can help you. If we do not know about certain software (there is so much out there!) we will find out about it so that we can teach you how to get the most out of it.

Specialist Solutions

We also have TekHelp Associates that are able to help you with specialist solutions such as SAS, Mailing Lists, Software Testing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS); Global Position Systems (GPS); World Wide Web sites (design, establishment, and maintenance) their use and development.

Contact us at 0114 247 4447 or email us at helpme@tekhelp.f9.co.uk for more information.


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